Honesty and Integrity

  • Our number one goal is to provide excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE.  
  • We will have 100% honest and fair breaks every time.
  • All of our boxes and cases are factory sealed and only come from trusted sources.
  • The boxes will be presented as sealed directly on the camera.  They will be opened and never leave site of the camera throughout the break of the box.

Card Handling

  • We will make sure to handle the cards in a professional manner.
  • We will handle all cards carefully and place them into appropriate one touch cases for bigger hits.
  • Some cards may not come out of the pack a perfect bgs 10 rating, but we do our best to carefully open each pack and set cards down gently on a clean surface.
  • We wash our hands prior to every break.

Timing of Breaks

  • We will break boxes as soon as they sell out.  For example, if a box sells out the night of a live break we will break it that night.  If a break sells out on a night we are not breaking we will break that box on the next night that we are having a live break.

Base Cards

  • By Default base cards will not be shipped out for any of our breaks.  We will only be shipping #'d, Autographs, Patches, Relics, Short Prints, Rookies or any other Hits.

Multi-Player & Misc. Cards

    • (Example Added 6/14/14: To avoid any misconception of our rules, we wanted to add a specific example as to the definition of a team is no longer in existence.  We understand that a franchise may move to another city, however as soon as the full team name no longer exists, it is no longer in existence.  So when the Houston Oilers moved to Tennesse and became the Titans, the TEAM Houston Oilers no longer exists.)
  • If a card has two players on it, It will be randomized unless there is a majority Owner
  • If the card has more than two players, the following system will be used:
    1. If the same person owns two or more of the players on the card, while the rest own just one, the player who owns the majority will be rewarded the card
    2. If there is no majority owner, The card will be Randomized using random.org
  • If the card has no team on it, the card will go with whomever owns the most teams in the break.
  • If the card is of a retired player, the card will go to the team that is listed on the card.  If there is no team listed on the card it will go to the last team that player played for.  If the card is of a team that is no longer in existence, the card will go to the team that resides in that city.  If there is no team in that city then it will go to franchise of the city where the team moved to.
  • For Upper Deck and Panini Baseball products, if the card is in a college uniform and there are no logos or team names displayed, the card will go to the team that the player is currently on or the most recent team the player played for.  If the player is un-drafted or not tied to a team, we will use random.org to determine who from the break will receive the card.
  • In the unlikely even that the above misc. card rules do not resolve who will receive the card, the card will go to someone in the break using random.org.

Live Breaks

  • To view our live breaks, simply click on the link above 'Live Feed'.
  • We will be breaking anywhere from 2-4 nights depending on the week.
  • All of our news and information pertaining to upcoming live breaks and sales of upcoming breaks will be posted on the main homepage of our website.  We will keep the information updated regularly to give you plenty of notice.


  • Shipping day will be Monday.  All of our live breaks from the previous week will go out the following Monday.  You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your cards go out.
  • First class Domestic shipping is included free of any additional charges in the price of your break.
  • If you would like to purchase insurance or have your product shipped in a different way, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • We carefully package and ship the cards heavily protected in bubble mailers.
  • In the event that you are concerned about shipping times, do realize that sometimes the USPS has delays especially around holiday seasons.
  • We do not ship to PO boxes.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or lost packages by the USPS.

Youtube Channel

  • Immediately following a live break, we will be posting videos of the breaks on our Youtube channel as well.  We will break up the video and label it based no the box# and date of the break.
  • This is also a great place to go check out some of our previous breaks if you are a Newbie looking to see just how these live breaks run


  • There are no refunds whatsoever.
  • The more spots you purchase in a break the better your chances are of getting a hit.
  • There is a chance that your team will not receive any cards from the break.  Please don't purchase if you don't understand the process.